Legacy lifts are among the fastest and most durable lifts on the market.


Having the best warranty in the industry, you'll have the security of knowing it will serve you well for long time. 


The  Legacy Classic Stair Lift from Staying Home Corp combines simplicity  and beautiful design for an affordable stair lift that will blend  seamlessly into your home's decor. The Legacy Classic is the narrowest  stairlift on the market, making it perfect for narrow stairways, and  anyone who simply wants the stair lift to take up minimal space.

The  battery charges at both the top and bottom landing stations and allows  20 trips up and down the stairs during power outages, so you or your  loved one won't be stranded in the event of an outage. Upper and lower  remote controls come standard so that you can call and send the stair  lift to the desired location.

The Legacy Classic can be installed  on virtually any straight staircase accommodating 25 to 45 degree angle  applications. The 350 pound capacity is an industry best for the price,  so you can rest assured that your stair lift is built to last with the  quality you should expect from such an important aspect of your home.